Individual Therapy

Dr. Nomura has specialized training as a child psychologist and adolescent psychologist. He is one of only a few doctoral level, child and adolescent psychologists practicing in the Cypress, Texas area or Northwest Houston.

Dr. Nomura has provided comprehensive psychological assessments, therapy, interventions, and consultation services to multiple campuses in Cypress Fairbanks ISD.

Dr. Nomura was selected by the Department of Psychological Services at CyFair to develop and hold weekly training colloquia in psychological assessment for interns completing their doctoral degree. He also supervises interns and post-doctoral students on some campuses. Dr. Nomura has provided presentations and training on topics such as Functional Behavior Assessments, Diagnosing Mental Disorders, Educational Disabilities, Behavioral Management Strategies, and Suicide Risk Assessment. As the Lead Psychologist for psychological assessment, he is regularly consulted by colleagues regarding complex evaluations, and he is asked to review the adequacy of others’ testing reports.

He was previously the psychologist selected by CyFair to serve alternative campuses : Adaptive Behavior Center, Carlton Center, Juvenille Justice Alternative Educational Placement, Alternative Learning Center, Secondary Alternative Campus, and Windfern High School of Choice. Dr. Nomura has provided services to students in Preschool Programs for Children with Disabilities (PPCD), LIFE Skills programs, and Adaptive Behavior classrooms. He is routinely consulted by school staff regarding students at general education campuses who are at-risk due to psychological, emotional, behavioral, or learning problems. He is often called by a Cypress area school district to provide expert analysis for children or adolescents who have difficult problem behaviors.

Dr. Nomura has served as an Adjunct Professor at University of Houston and Prairie View A&M. Dr. Nomura has taught graduate level courses in Psychopathology (mental disorders), Group Therapy, and Individual Therapy.