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In the next few days, Dr. Nomura will review your form. If you are requesting testing or assessment services, we will investigate your insurance benefits. Then, Dr. Nomura will contact you with an estimate and to schedule the services. This process usually takes about 1 week. In the unlikely event that you don’t hear back from us in a couple weeks, please call 832.237.2673.

If you are an established client, Dr. Nomura will respond to you as soon as he can.

If you have questions about counseling services (which are not currently provided) or other general questions. Dr. Nomura will reply to you if time allows. We certainly appreciate your comments and interest. Dr. Nomura wishes that he could respond to all inquiries. In order to provide quality services, he cannot respond to all general questions. Some general questions can be answered by clinic staff. You can reach the clinic at 832.237.2673.