“Through frequent consultation with Dr. Nomura over the last five years, it is clear to me that he provides scientifically-proven psychological services to children and adolescents in a thoughtful, compassionate manner. Furthermore, his intimate knowlege of the public education system gives him unique insight into the lives of the children and families that he serves, making him an especially effective clinician.”

Nicholas J. Pastorek, Ph.D., ABPP
Board Certified in Clinical Neuropsychology (ABPP)
Houston, Texas

“I have worked with Dr. John Nomura for six years as a clinical supervisor and colleague. Dr. Nomura is an exceptional clinician who is committed to utilizing the most effective techniques in assessment and treatment.  Dr. Nomura remains current on advances in the field and is committed to practices that are supported by research and proven by the data. He is thoughtful, intelligent, and innovative in his approach to the practice of psychology and in meeting the needs of his clients. I continue to consult with Dr. Nomura because of his broad base of knowledge, practice, and skills.”

Jay Glynn, Ph.D.
Psychologist, LSSP, Special Education Administrator
Houston, Texas

“Dr. Nomura provided advanced training during my predoctoral internship and his knowledge, expertise, and guidance in working with youth with emotional and behavioral problems contributed uniquely to my clinical and field-based skills. He has an exceptional ability to conceptualize complex cases and link assessment results to recommendations that are research supported. Furthermore, Dr. Nomura demonstrates a demeanor that is warm, caring, and thoughtful. He is able to connect with his clients and colleagues in a way that makes us feel supported and understood. I am enthusiastic to offer my highest recommendation for Dr. Nomura’s services to parents, without reservation.”

Elina Saeki, PhD, NCSP
Assistant Professor
Co-Director, School Psychology Master’s Program
University of Houston-Victoria

“Dr. Nomura is an expert psychologist who is board certified in behavior analysis. The board certification is one of the most meaningful quality control signals in psychology, and Dr. Nomura is a clear example of this signal’s merit. His approach to assessment intervention is based on state of the art psychological and behavioral science, and he has a broad range of experience with children and adolescents. Dr. Nomura is also an incredibly kind and thoughtful person, who genuinely cares about others and enjoys helping those in need.”

Samuel McQuillin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of School Psychology
University of Houston

“Dr. Nomura was a great asset to my team. I have worked with many psychologists over the years, and I recommend Dr. Nomura to parents without reservation. He cared genuinely for our students and showed exceptional skill in his work with them. Some of our students presented extraordinary challenges, and we often relied on Dr. Nomura’s knowledge and experience. He sees the potential in students who have lost hope, and he collaborates effectively with teachers and parents.”

Maybelline Carpenter
School Administrator
Director of school for students with emotional and behavioral needs
Cypress, Texas

*postions and credentials at date of quote for individuals quoted.