Cognitive (IQ) Testing

Dr. Nomura provides cognitive testing (IQ testing, intelligence testing) for clients of all ages in Cypress, Texas. Options range from brief administrations to produce an overall score to comprehensive batteries that result in a unique profile of strengths and weaknesses. Dr. Nomura has an inventory of IQ tests, and he most often uses the Woodcock Johnson IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities. If you are interested in testing for the purposes of school admission, MENSA, or gifted testing, the Woodcock Johnson IV is often accepted for those purposes. It is a reliable, well-respected test battery. Dr. Nomura has extensive experience administering this test and similar tests.

Dr. Nomura wants his clients to enjoy their testing experience. As a trained psychologist, Dr. Nomura’s warmth and kindness help ease anxieties and manage younger clients’ behavior.  This testing service can provide great insight regarding the way a client learns and their unique intellectual strengths.

Testing usually takes about 50 to 75 minutes, and it is almost always completed in a single session.  Dr. Nomura will provide you with a written report that presents all of the results and explains the scores. The report is usually ready a few days after your appointment. IQ testing can usually be scheduled quickly, with little to no wait time. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

*Note: Placement into gifted classes in many Texas Public Schools (including Cy-Fair ISD Horizons Program) usually requires testing by the school. Private testing is usually not accepted. Dr. Nomura’s testing is, however, highly predictive of results of many school-administered cognitive tests.