We are sorry, Dr. Nomura is not currently providing therapy or treatment services (i.e., counseling).
He is accepting clients for all testing and evaluative services.

Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis is the science of controlling and predicting human behavior. ABA-based interventions are best known for treating people with developmental disabilities, such as autism spectrum disorders. However, applied behavior analysis contributes to a full range of areas including: disruptive behavior disorders, anxiety disorders, impulse control disorders, ADHD, education, health and exercise, language acquisition, medical procedures, parenting, severe mental disorders, and sports. Principles of ABA are used in parent training, behavioral therapies, and behavioral pediatrics.

ABA includes techniques such as: behavioral chaining; behavioral shaping; functional behavior analysis; task analysis; prompting; generalization training; modeling; operant and classical conditioning; differential reinforcement of incompatible behaviors; response cost; antecedent control; and much more. Although this terminology will be foreign to most clients, Dr. Nomura will ensure that any techniques used are easily understood.

ABA has become a science unto itself, with peer reviewed journals, national professional organizations, university training and research centers, and a rigorous credentialing process. Dr. Nomura is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst at the doctoral level (BCBA-Doctoral).