Adult ADHD

Dr. Nomura provides ADHD testing for adults in Cypress, Texas. This service can usually be completed in a little over an hour. Dr. Nomura will provide you with a written report that explains the results. The report can be provided to a physician for consideration of medical treatments of the identified symptoms.

If you are an adult with ADHD, you know that it can limit your success occupationally and socially. It can bring stress to your life and conflict to your relationships. ADHD symptoms can significantly diminish your quality of life, but it is a treatable condition. Dr. Nomura will take time to understand all of you concerns and the history of your problems. He has an inventory of instruments to provide some objective answers to your questions about these symptoms.

Because this is a less involved procedure than the more extensive child study evaluations, the listed wait times may not apply. Testing can be completed in one session, and results are made available quickly.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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